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Casino El Camino

 The bar is punk rock, and man I love this place. The music is fantastic, and by music I mean the greatest jukebox in Austin. Yeah, there's stuff like ACDC, but it's their Australia-only release...thrown in with the only bluesman to enter the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for his harmonica playing: (Little Walter).

 Walk out the back onto a patio with lattice woodwork serving as a roof, ferns growing over it, and a palm tree. Yes, it will come as a surprise.

 I'm remiss if I neglect to mention that the bar rarely gets crowded, and if it wasn't for the hard core rocking music, the place could serve as a hangover haven. Yes, on Sixth street! Yes, when you desperately need to escape the students crowding into every bar, and pushing for that next cheap shot.


 Walk back inside and take a minute to look around. You could come here for years before noticing all the surrounding artwork.


 In closing, you might find pushback because you aren't living the life...but patience is a small price to pay when you find punk rock heaven on 6th street.


*For an interview with the owner: Click here

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