According  to Google there are about 10 bars that you can go to for cheap drinks in Austin, Texas on a Tuesday night, but has anyone “field tested” them...I wondered. There’s always the notorious Love Goat but it doesn’t open until 7p so I hit the Uber app and go to 6th around 5:30.

  The first bar, Mugshots, also doesn't open til 7 but I know Casino will be...so I hit this World Famous, Guy Fieri visited, hambuger/dive bar. It turns out they have happy hour from 11:30a - 7p every day. Not a bad start.

  I sink 4-5 Vodka’s with “too much” lime juice (a drink known as “The Adam” at The Tavern). My bill comes to a whopping $20.00. Time to hit Mugshots - permanently closed.

  This bar is interesting. It’s owned by the same guy who owns Barfly’s (arguably the most quintessential dive bar in Austin). I remember it because I brought a buddy here that I’d picked up from jail (Smell the irony?). It’s got a cool, relaxed feel and the bar has always been unique. There’s a pool table, and tv’s are going with zero “corporate feel.” So how cheap are the drinks? The Adam cost $3.00 and it was not watered down. I rock 3-4 of them and jump in an uber pool.

  A hot girl is sitting in the back and “Girls just want to have fun” is playing on the radio. I can’t remember everything we talk about but the ride goes swimmingly. At The Liberty I walk into a half-empty dark cave and order The Adam. The bartender isn’t engaging until I get into the movie she has playing, which is cool by me. I keep ordering drinks.

  Drinking on a Tuesday night is always a little haphazard. You have to accept that it’s not gonna rock like a Thursday night. I decide to walk to 6th street. For the record, The Liberty does not disappoint. It has a 20’s to early 30’s crowd who are reliably hip...as for the prices? I pay $3.00 for the first one and $4.00 for the one I order after 8p.

  Feeling no pain, I walk past The Eastern and decide to hit a reliable Weedy bar: The Texas Chili Parlor. I have no idea who was bartending or what the drinks cost but it was a solid gold hit. Til next time...

Stay weedy,

Mr. Weedy