The Workhorse

 The Workhorse is a pub over on North Loop up from Hyde Park. It was formerly a place Scott Biram would play for tips, as a one man band, called The Parlor.


 The place is open until midnight so I recommend it as a day drinking spot and its affordable. "Happy hour starts when you get here" says the sign by the register meaning that three dollar pints are to be had from open til close. The bar started in 2012 and has an interesting decor.


 Art lines the interior along with a scant but classic jukebox. There's old pictures of Austin including a photo of the mysterious statue that currently sits atop the Capitol before it was hoisted.


 This neighborhood bar brings twenty to thirty something's and you'll like being able to walk past a kitchen that's in plain view and clean, its notable that the bathrooms are as well.


 I recommend it as a good hideaway spot and one to find shelter during the early afternoon hours. It has a coziness with ample room which can be a tough balance, and you'll find the TV's designated for movies showing above average Hollywood fare.


 An owner made the unique stump seating found indoors and out...which brings up the point that the place has something which nods toward the past, while progressively looking forward.


 In closing you'll find the clientele friendly and kickback worthy so enjoy the pub: You will find it more than worthwhile.