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Mon - Fri: 5p - 2a
Sat & Sun: 7p - 2a
5420-B Airport Blvd.,
Austin, Tx 78751

 What a place. You have probably been to a lot of bars in Austin that have character, but you're missing a headlining star if you haven't been here. You'll find it on a shadier side of the street called Airport Blvd, between two used car dealerships. Climb the stairs to the 2nd floor, and hold onto the railing.

 When you get to the top, you'll enter a long rectangular structure, with two pool tables set back to back: A brick wall on one side, and corrugated tin on the other. Keep going, and you'll find another room with a solitary pool table.

 This is a joint that builds fans. This is partly due to the drinks: You can slug em' down, or pour them in the tank of your car...and the bartenders are among the friendliest. You're forgiven if you start to think you can't cross any lines. You're wrong, but you're forgiven.

 The place is filled with twenty something's and it's so seedy that if you're drinking here in your thirties, then you're likely down on your luck.

 The beer is cold, and to support this you'll find mediocre brands that are made to taste refreshing. It isn't kept on ice, its because of a freezer that's cranked to it's breaking point.

 A side door opens to the left of the bar, and downstairs you've got an area that's been added for people to BS and smoke. And as a rarity for established places, its an addition that fits.

 In conclusion, it must be noted that should one hit a low in life, or going through a transitional period, then you may find yourself here...also applicable are the youthful moments of brutal frankness, and inexplicable highs. I suggest these memories and challenges are welcome, and possibly more, at the institution known as Barfly's.

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