Albany, NY


1) Susies Pub


 If you are looking for a neighborhood dive that is cozy on a weekday night then this is it. The place is partially underground and Susie acquired it in 2003. It is grandfathered in by a clause that allows the bar to serve until 4a, so after 3a it will fill up from the neighboring dives on Lark street.  


 The age range for patrons varies widely. I saw couples in their twenties, and dudes in their forties. Overall they've got an attactive crowd, and the place is laid back. They serve liquor and beer, and the beer selection is decent with Guiness, Blue Moon, Sierra Nevada, and local selections on tap. Keep in mind, this is a dive bar, so if you're looking for a well-lit place with nice chairs, and a kitchen: This isn't the place. For that place, I recommend going to bar #2.


2) Savoy Taproom


 This place is within walking distance from Susies and it is impressive. The food is good and their cocktails are fantastic. The feel is "upscale jazz bar" with an unpretentious atmosphere. You can come in here solo or bring a date - either way you are good. If you do get the desire to mix it up at a local pub, don't sweat it, there are plenty within walking distance.

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