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Last updated 11/2/23

  I love bloody mary's. I would drink them more often if I was certain that I'm getting a good one. They help you into an afternoon of drinking like no other. I will even have one at night to get going.

 After I consume a tasteless, overly-spiced bloody that feels like someone made to be mean, sometimes I think: Was it something I said?

 Before I go into the Best Bloody Mary's in Austin, keep in mind...I have a low heat level and as mentioned previously: A disdain for spiciness that rules out flavor.

  So let's get to it. First on the list: Azul Tequila. This has to be one of the more unlikely places to find a fantastic Bloody in Texas. It's in a strip mall on South Lamar next to Target. They make their own mix and it is deadly. It's spicy, but it's the kind of spicy you're aware of...not bullied by. The mix is so solid that one of their new bartenders, who doesn't drink Bloody's, rocked it straight out the gate.

  Next, Colleens Kitchen. For my spice lover's: This one ups the ante. They also let you pick the spice level. My "mild" bloody was spicy hot, but you could tell it had been made with care (I had two of them). Word of warning: It was slam packed around 1p on a Sunday afternoon, so prepare to wait or sit at the bar. 

  Last but not least: The Tamale House. Man, is this a cool place! They're on the East side and they've been around since 1958. The bartender moved from Vegas which gives her top credentials for slinging bloody's. My bloody here was perfect. A hearty mix that left some spice on my lips, but nothing overbearing. My well-deserved hangover fled in terror as I drank em' down.


 I wandered in here on a Sunday afternoon, and the bar was almost empty. The food is good too. I recommend bringing your friends, and taking over the place. I mean, Why not?

Stay weedy!

Mr. Weedy

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