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Mon-Fri: 11a - Midnight
       Sat: 10a - Midnight
Sun: 10a - 10p 
3110 Guadalupe St.,
Austin, TX 78705

 This a French bar on the corner of 31st 1/2 street on Guadalupe in Austin, Texas. The owner's mother-in-law is from France, this is what she wanted, and here we are. This is a beer joint that serves food.

 I rarely review food, but if you're curious about what they serve, then you have to think about the country. If you're in Southern France then you'll buy mussels, and if you're in Paris, you'll get a baguette and some sausage. Hopfields serves both.

 They're open until midnight, so if you're like me, you'll come here for daydrinking. The place is rarely overcrowded, but if you run into that situation, the service is still top notch.

 One of my female readers asked that I review the "attractive men" contingent. Out of respect for her wishes, I would say there are guys who hang out here in their post college years that just like to drink beer, and they're usually unaccompanied by females. And by the way ladies, the place serves wine. Enjoy!

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