The Hole In The Wall

 The Hole In The Wall is a tradition. The place started in 1974 and had musicians get on stage like Townes Van Zandt, Johnny Cash and Doug Sahm. If you don't know Doug Sahm, he had a top 20 hit in the 60's called "She's About a Mover."


 To get the press he grew his hair out and cut it into a mop top aka British invasion and formed a band called The Sir Douglas Quintet. After giving the establishment what was necessary, he loosened up and came to Austin in the Seventies: Joining the Cosmic Cowboy movement.


 You know when you're driving home on a Tuesday night from work, and you hear a place rocking so hard you don't want to look because you're afraid you'll shut it down. This is the place and just to let you know: You will stay too long. Do it anyway.

 You walk in the door and the stage is set to the left. The bar is on the right serving liquor and beer. Walk to the back and step down into a room with another stage on the right and a full bar against the wall. Go outside to have a cigarette or chat and notice another bar which serves food until midnight.

 There are a lot of 20 to 30 year olds who frequent here but you will not be out of place if you are older. The bartenders are both nice and cool. You also won't be held accountable for falling into a wistful nostalgia for your college days, while at the same time getting cutting access to up and coming bands.

 So if you're sitting at the stoplight on a weekday night and hearing the strains of a wailing guitar or a killer harmonica, hit the headlights and put in park because coming here will rock harder than anything you'll be doing at home.