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Dive Bar

       Mon - Fri: 2:00p - 2:00a
      Sat & Sun: 12p - 2:00a
1703 Guadalupe St.,
Austin, TX  78701

 You will walk in this place and say its not a dive bar but you're wrong. The upper-end coffee shop decor, newish looking bar and quiet tables to the side are deceiving. As is the large plate glass window to the left of the door.

 Sit down. Have a hour or so later you'll realize the place has no windows and the sense of time disappears. I hate the word mixologist but they have them here. You can take a shot with zero kick going down and not feel like you were shot in the morning.

 You can hook up here. The girls will hit on you and I can't say the same for every other bar in town.

 Which leads me to the people. Its a mix of mainly service people, walker-bys, neighborhood people and ne'er do wells. You've got government employees and off duty gangsters. And everybody's friendly.

 There's no jukebox - the staff runs streaming music that never sinks below mildly interesting.

 Want some sunlight? Go in the back where there's a few picnic tables without a roof overhead. Good place to have a smoke. Great place to sit down with people and talk about anything.

 The bartenders make the place. They're young, attractive and if you're harsh about service you'll still give them an 8 out of 10 rating.

 What about fun? Like I said earlier - you wont realize how long you've been in the place and that you're in the equivalent of a cave until its too late.

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