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Firehouse Lounge

Mon - Wed: 5p - 2a
Thurs: 2p - 2a
Fri - Sun: 12p - 2a
605 Brazos St
Austin, TX 78701

 Sometimes you have the desire to "go out" and be away from the madness, while having the option to join it. If this is your goal and you worry that you're hoping in vain, relax, there is a place.

 Cut up a block from sixth street, across from the Driskill Hotel, and there's a bar called The Firehouse Lounge. You won't be able to go in the regular entrance, because it's blocked. Go a few more feet, and enter the neighboring hostel; pull a handle mounted on the inside of a sliding bookshelf, and a large room awaits.

 Descend two short stairs - you'll notice black leather booths lining the wall to your left and a plush bar ahead. Tall red-cushioned chairs line the bar and its conversation friendly: Meaning live music is sporadic and rarely over the top. 

 As for the drink selection, its full on, serving everything, from beer taps to Macallan scotch, as well as more rare selections. Its also a place you can bring a buddy or take a date. Either way, you are good.

 So go ahead and satisfy the desire to go out, with the knowledge that the neighboring madness is close by. You'll enjoy soaking up a quiet warmth, and find you've located one of the better havens in town.

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