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Hotel Vegas

Sun thru Wed: 9p - 2a
Thurs thru Sat: 7p -2a
1502 E. 6th St,
Austin, TX  78702

 The building has been here since 1949 and other than La Perla's down the street, it's the only joint to retain its name on East 6th street. This is a real Hotel. You can rent rooms over the bar today.

 There's a barracuda that hangs over the bar because one of the owners likes Saturday Night Fever, and when one of the characters, Gus, gets beat up...he blames it on a gang called the Barracudas.

 The place serves up live music, beer and liquor. I brought two friends here who ordered two whiskey and cokes. The charge was four dollars total. More important than the cheap drinks and the free pool that is offered all day, the energy.

 The twenty somethings that come here participate in the latest bands, and you may feel like you're in Emo's back in the golden days.

 And don't worry, if you need to get away from the music, you can. There's a back yard with picnic tables that are great for people watching.

 There's a liveliness here. The bartenders are real and friendly. They also have a vintage photo booth where you place a five dollar bill through the slot, and four pictures plop out. If you haven't done it, then get in the booth. Its unexpected fun, and you'll find the experience refreshing and spontaneous - much like the place.

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