Little Woodrow's

 Some places excel beyond the chain to which they belong and this is one of them. The bar opened before the "West 6th" area grew up around the likes of Star Bar and the former Irish pub Mother Egan's.

 According to the website, the founder came up with the idea in the 1930's and was a ladies man...speaking to the name of the place. Fast forward to present day and you've got a sizeable deck, an indoor/outdoor bar and huge screens everywhere.

 All ages and types are welcome here. You've got young professionals, out-of-towners, walkers-by, office workers, semi-retired folks and twenty-somethings. And if you spend the time you'll uncover a core group of regulars I've yet to find anywhere. They work, hunt and vacation together, not kidding.

 Additionally, its a place to orient yourself if you're new to town. Sit at the bar. The rotating groups of people walking in the door will provide casual socializing...while at the same time giving you a grip on what's going on in the city.

 Part of the theme of the place is "beautiful women" and you'll find them tending bar and waiting on the outdoor picnic tables. As for music, its played through a jukebox via Touchtunes. And this is a place for sports fans. You'll find yourself getting into games you didn't come to watch because of the crowds enthusiasm alone.

 The bar also has a "Big 50 Club" where if you drink through their list of beers, you get a wooden placard nailed to the wall with your name on it. You're right to suspect these enticements make the bar "dude heavy" and it did for awhile until liquor was introduced and now there's a few more ladies...especially on the weekend.

 In closing you'll like this indoor/outdoor bar that welcomes all types, and you'll find it to be one of the easier places to spend an afternoon in the city.