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Scoot Inn

 You have to love Texas. The bar started in 1871. You read that correctly. Two guys named Scoot and Red opened the saloon and were heavy drinkers, according to the website.


 Back then, rich bankers lived in East Austin along with a varied cultural mix. In the '50s and '60s, it had the reputation for patrons with knives, and if you were disrespectful: You could get stuck. The saloon catered to these folks, as well as anyone passing through who wanted beer.


 Today it's a little different. You may be aware of tribute bars that attempt a "worn in" look...leaving one with a plastic feeling, and a desire to drink away the mediocrity. Here you wont suffer such effects. The first thing that happens when you walk in the door is relax. The dark wood, scarlet wallpaper, and antique lighting are inimitable.


 Go outside and find a spacious live music area. You've got picnic tables to sit at with your friends and its intimate enough to bring a date, especially on slower nights. The bands play to an audience under strings of white Christmas lights, and the place is fairly large, with a maximum capacity of 2,500.

 I have found the age group to be in their twenties and early thirties. The bar staff are both genuine and if you're looking for a night of music, or a low key afternoon place to kick back: I suggest coming here.

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