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Shoal Creek Saloon

 The place has been around so long the staff aren't sure when it started. The owner isn't from Louisianna but the GM is...and he got the idea for using family recipes to transform it in the mid 2000's. Back in the '70s, the bar was owned by a couple named Babe and Margaret, and its rumored they had a tempestuous relationship, with her throwing bottles of beer at him.

 This is a bar where you can hang out, night or day. Walk in, and there's beer and liquor on the right and a shuffleboard table to the left. Centered in the middle are tables where people come for some of the best "comfort food" in Central Austin.

 Go out back, and you'll find a mid-sized patio which overlooks the creek for which it's named. All ages are welcome here, and if you're looking for a sports bar - this is where you should be coming. There's a central sound system hooked up to the favored game, with multiple big screen tv's stacked facing the deck. And the crowd is involved.

 Go back inside and you'll notice a passageway leading to a neighboring bar, which has the same owner, called Last Lift Lounge...after the owner's favorite place in Colorado.

 This is a bar I recommend going to for day drinking, and to kick off a weekend night. The hospitality, Southern food and cold beer are abundantly served, so enjoy....its time well spent.

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