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The Jackalope

Every Damn Day: 11a - 2a
404 E. 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

 If there's an intellectual equivalent to the "Cantina" portrayed in Star Wars then this is it. You've got patrons who range from comic strip writers, truck drivers, female drummers, college hotties, undeniable Bettie Page fans...and this is just during the week.

 There's an energy here. The feel is gritty and single, with a hint of underworld politics, and the place is huge. A large circular bar sits in the center of the room, with booths on one side and tables on the other. There are dark movies playing on multiple tv's at all times.

 If you find yourself needing an escape, then go in the back. Its the same place, but named Cucaracha, after a neighboring bar that has since closed. Here you'll find an open patio with a furnace going. There's strictly b-movie fare playing, and its a great place to have a smoke, and bullshit.

 A Jackalope is a hybrid of a deer and a killer rabbit so when you come here - expect to have fun. After a few hours you'll get a pleasant "lost feeling" like you're in an exotic locale. There are velvet paintings of topless women, old cowboy pictures, and if you come here long enough you may notice full-on disco balls hanging from the ceiling.

 The bar staff in the front are mainly women and their tattoos and piercings will entice some, and repel others. Needless to say, some of them are hot.

 I won't go into the food, but suffice to say it is above average, and enthusiasm will vary based on inebriation. Do I recommend this place? I love it. Especially on the weekend, when the bar goes into full swing.

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