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The Midnight Cowboy

Sun thru Thurs: 6p - close
Fri & Sat: 5p - 1a
313 E. 6th St, Austin, TX 78701

 Midnight Cowboy Modeling and Massage is an old brothel that was around in Austin in the 1980's. It was reportedly run by a lady named Chong Lee Rogers, until 2011, when it was shut down by the FBI.

 A friend says he came here for a massage and entered the building by going through the alley, and pressing a buzzer. Today, the buzzers are on the front next to a door, with iron lattice work hanging over it. A red light bulb will help you locate the place, and you will need reservations.

 Step into the expensive decor and notice black leather booths on either side. Once seated, you'll find yourself wanting to look around with a curious intensity.

 A lot of money has been spent with discernment regarding this joint. There's ornate wallpaper on one wall, and brick on the other. The ceiling is admiration worthy, and should one define a Speakeasy as a "dark establishment," then you've found the winning prize-holder in Austin.

 After the drink order is placed, ingredients depending, a bar will be rolled down to your booth as if you're on an airplane.

 For company, this is a place where I'd bring a date or come with a group, and the cocktails are strong and tasty. I recommend checking out a Whiskey mix called The Déjà Vu. Forget the cheesy Tiki mug, it's a solid drink.

 Go past a bar that divides the place and there are small rooms, for parties of 8 or less, obscured by a curtain. You get service by flipping a switch connected to a light bulb mounted on the wall.

 Need a smoke? Go out through the back and stand in an enclosed patio on gravel where you'll find the original "modeling and massage" neon sign that used to hang in the window.

 Rejoin your company and sit back under the shadows of the cool black'll be enjoying secluded privacy second to none and will have already forgotten you're on Sixth street.

 Is the place special? Remarkably remember to bring your loved ones, or the one you'd like to love, to a place called The Midnight Cowboy.

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