Sun - Wed: 7p - 2a
Thu - Sat: 5p - 2a
710 Red River St,
Austin, TX 78701

 Valhalla is a mythical hall for fallen gods slain in battle. In the shared existence we call reality, it is a bar over on Red River and if you are a fan of bottled beer then prepare to hunker down, because here it is kept on ice.

 Similar to places that were around in the mid-90's, it will bring you back to the bright-blood painted bathroom doors and black ceilings that peppered the area then. Additionally the odd humidity on Red River hasn't changed which serves as a reminder to those days.

 The first thing you'll notice are the albums lining the walls. From Led Zeppelin to Ray Charles you'll see an arrangement made by someone with an eye for the classics.

 The place is split in two with a long hall in the back that connects both rooms. The rooms in turn are served by the same circular bar in the middle of the place.

 You've got old school video games, pool tables, well as an upstairs game room that is unlikely and cool. The TV is set on the whim of the bartenders. One time I saw a baseball game and on another a dvd of KISS playing to Japan in the seventies.

 The music is played on vinyl, and Wednesday nights you pick the album cover on the wall and the entire record gets played. If you smoke then you're in luck. The place has an open air front patio where you can take your beer or mixed drink.


 The crowd is mid to late thirties with off duty, tattooed bar people mixed with Europeans and those who know where to go when their ears are ringing after a show. You might find the band you just saw relaxing here as well.

 In closing I have to say that whoever's preaching the "Austin weird" slogan needs to check out Valhalla. One thing's for certain: The place is keeping it real.