The White Horse

 This place is cool. It got its start in 2011 by some guys who used to manage The Hole In The Wall.

 You go past a popcorn machine and walk up to the bar. You won't wait long, the bartenders are among the fastest in town. You'll notice a stage to the right and a fairly large area for checking out the band and dancing. The music that's played here is traditional...meaning it isn't Nashville country that you'll be hearing but Texan.

 Grab your beer or mixed drink, the pour is strong, and walk out towards the back. You'll have to pass a little foyer that includes a pool table, photo booth and a shoeshine man. You'll get a creeping suspicion that you're already having a good time.

 Step into the back open area and check out the various groups of guys and gals. The feel is relaxed with an undercurrent of excitement. These aren't people pretending to have fun.

 All ages and walks of life are welcome and the bands are top notch...90 percent of the time you won't pay a cover. It must be noted that the folks who come here are open and somewhat flirtatious, and like the place itself, will remind you of another reason you moved to Austin.